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Harry Styles


Global newspaper print ads pointing readers to see what is, hand illustrations by Maggie Cowles updated daily throughout the rollout to tease Easter eggs and rally fan excitement + utilized IG as an archival platform for the doors


A fan-first experience where fans can generate personalized versions of Harry's House based on their favorite songs

"As It Was" OOH Wildpostings


Official Artists Website

"Music For A Sushi Restaurant" - Gill's Lounge turned Gill's Sushi

The official music video for Music For A Sushi Restaurant was teased through Discord & Harry's live LA shows. Fictional lounge, Gill's sparked fans' curiosity and anticipation, and flipped to Gill's Sushi upon video release where it was revealed that Gill's Sushi is where the video takes place.


Gill's Sushi was accompanied by IRL pop-ups at the Kia Forum at Harry's LA shows, simulating the online Photo Booth fans could use on and as filters on social platforms

Release Assets

Content Development, ​Columbia Records

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